3 Ways the Lollipop Moment Will Make You a More Authentic Leader

We talk about leadership a lot. Chances are, you probably also talk about it a lot. You probably talk to your team about it. They probably talk to you about it. And at the end of the month, you probably talk to your boss about it.

You study it, you google it, you go to university to learn it, and every day, you trial it.

But what if you thought differently about it?

#1 Throw out the books. Realise that great things happen every day.

In Drew Dudley’s TEDEx Talk, he talks about the concept of everyday leadership. He starts with a personal anecdote of how one single action – giving a lollipop to someone to give to someone else – changed not only one person, but two people’s lives for years to come (go on, you know you want to know what happened).

His point being – small actions have big effects – and that we are all the drivers behind those powerful shifts in people’s lives.

#2 Focus on your natural decisions and the outcomes they drive.

Dudley sees these every day actions as true leadership. He also advances that every single one of us has been the catalyst for one of these ‘lollipop moments’, meaning that truly great leadership is closer to us than we think. He argues we like to distance ourselves from ‘leadership’ as it seems ‘too big’ or ‘too frightening’ – an opposition or a goal we may never reach. When in fact, we need to face that we all have the capacity to lead, each and every day.

#3 Recognise the lollipop moments in others around you.

If we follow this train of thought, we can all be truly powerful in each other’s lives – often, without even knowing it. The key to unlocking this potential is in recognising those lollipop moments – around you, above you and to the side of you, every day. By understanding the dynamics of these moments and the capability of people to affect other people’s lives, Dudley argues that we can begin to redefine true leadership, in a way that can be applied every day.

It’s possible we’re all guilty of overanalysing ‘leadership’. But if you want to truly master your skill set in an authentic way, start focusing on the little actions, the moments and the interactions you have with others. It’s those small comments, gestures and greetings that can make all the difference in the world.

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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