Employer Branding: Not Just A Responsibility For HR

As a leader in Finance, you know that hiring top talent is a key priority. Hiring the best finance professionals for your requirements not only makes your job easier, it reflects well on your ability to manage teams successfully and your capability to support business growth. But, as you may well have experienced already, attracting and securing the best talent on the market is not an easy feat. With a recovering economy, this problem is becoming even more apparent, and will continue to raise challenges for even the most experienced of hiring managers.

Develop Your Unique Value Proposition

Contrary to popular belief, the interview process should not be a candidate interrogation. Yes, of course, it is your opportunity to evaluate an individual’s skills, competencies and achievements, but just remember, they are also evaluating you and your business, to decide whether this proposition is going to give them the opportunity they are looking for. When you’re dealing with top talent, it’s absolutely vital to remember that they won’t just be interviewing for one job, they are likely interviewing for 5-10 other opportunities, and could achieve up to 50% conversion to job offer. If this is the case, you have a fight on your hands, and this should be fought from the first time you shake hands, not at the end of the process.


We’ve all heard of this acronym. Understanding your audience’s priorities (what’s in it for me) is key to negotiating, and closing, a mutually beneficial deal. If your strategy is to attract and secure top talent, you must take time to consider the drivers of aspirational and talented finance professionals. It’s absolutely critical to develop a real and engaging value proposition for why your leadership, this role and the wider company is right for them. Providing a full briefing on company vision, a clear role direction and a demonstrable career path for future development is pivotal. Consider bringing in peers, previous holders of this position and company success stories to talk through their experience and support your case.

You Are Your Company Brand

What you, and your interviewing partners, say and do throughout the interview process will create an impression of what it is like to work in your team. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were in an interview process, what would you be looking for in a new boss? Vision, integrity, the feeling that you would be valued? Most likely all of the above. Beyond interacting meaningfully in an interview to bring them into your world, it is absolutely essential to manage expectations fully. Demonstrating indecisiveness, not giving feedback on time, or worse, not giving feedback at all is a sure fire way to cause irrevocable damage to not only a potential offer acceptance, but also your reputation as a hiring employer in the market.

Take strategic control of your employer branding and you’ll win the war on talent in the long term….

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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