Spot the Difference: What separates the average hiring manager from the talent magnets?

The new Hiring Guide from Chartered Accountants Ireland, in association with Barden (Ireland) has the answer and will arm you with the thinking you need to build a word class finance team.

“At Amazon, we believe in hiring and developing the best. My advice to other hiring managers is to invest time in the process and wait for a superstar candidate. Valerie Cremin | Senior Accounting Manager |Amazon.

The Hiring Guide, developed specifically for hiring managers, is the latest in the series of expert guides from the teams of Accountancy Ireland and Barden. Containing practical go-to articles and advice this guide covers:

  • Talent magnet– Master these five steps to create an outrageously good employer brand.
  • Good vibes only– People will remember how you made them feel during the interview process.
  • Building the bond– Despite the rumours, hiring managers and recruiters can collaborate to attract top talent – all they need is time!
  • Trends to watch in 2019
  • Don’t leave ‘em hanging– Expectation management can make or break your employer brand. This article outlines the rules you simply cannot break…

“For many hiring managers in the accounting profession, they trained as professional accountants. Their education and experience gives them unparalleled credibility for their role in finance. However they didn’t train in recruitment.  This guide is designed to help ambitious finance leaders bridge that knowledge gap and become an expert in talent attraction, management and retention.” Ed Heffernan | Managing Partner | Barden Ireland

Your success, along with the success of your company, hinges to a large degree on the calibre of talent that you’re able attract and retain. In a talent driven market, where demand is outstripping supply and competition is fierce, this Hiring Guide will give ambitious finance leaders the competitive edge they need to thrive.

Download your copy today here.

Barden is the largest specialist accounting and tax recruitment practice in Ireland. If you’re a finance professional seeking opportunities or a leader looking to attract new accounting or tax talent, speak to our experts today at

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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