AP, AR, Payroll or Part Qualified Accountant? You can now, officially, have your cake and eat it. Here's why....by Barden | Experts in Accounting & Tax recruitment

It’s all about supply and demand – simple recruitment economics.

Under supply of AP / AR/ Payroll /Accounts Assistants & Part Qualified accountants + Over demand for talent in these areas = a highly candidate driven market = salary inflation = more choice for candidates = hiring managers working harder to attract and retain talent.  Simple.

“2008 has nothing on 2019.  Right now we are in a unique market – where demand for finance talent has reached a peak never before seen” – Elaine Brady, Managing Partner | Barden Dublin.  “Every finance team is shaped like a pyramid with transactional finance (AP/AR), Payroll and Part Qualified Accountants outnumbering qualified accountants in many teams.  More roles = more demand = more options.  It’s a really great time to be a professional in this space”.


Dublin & Cork are obviously thriving. And it’s just getting started.


This trend shows no signs of abating.  In fact it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.  Companies are needing to re-imagine reward and the starting point is to look at the non-financial, intrinsic reward.  Non-Financial reward or how it “feels to work here” is where the war for talent is really being fought.  Money is a hygiene factor these days, not a motivator – it’s absence demotivates but it’s presence does not motivate.  It’s taking some hiring managers a long time to get their heads around this concept.”   – Jonathan Olden,  Managing Partner | Barden Cork


In Barden we are all about advice 1st; jobs 2nd.  We’re the recruitment experts that finance professionals come to before they start looking for a job.  In a market with so many options, objective, informed advice is invaluable.  You can count on our team in Barden for that – it’s what we’re know for out there.  


Just in case world class career/market advice isn’t enough for you, don’t worry; we’ve access to the best finance roles in Ireland’s top teams too…. all in one place; just for you.  Some (just a snapshot!) of our current opportunities for finance professionals and part qualified accountants nationally include:



  • EMEA Payroll Manager – Tech Company – Dublin City – Circa 75k
  • Payroll Specialist – Tech Company – Dublin City – 35 – 45k
  • Senior EMEA Payroll Manager / Director – Tech Company – Dublin City – 120k+
  • Accounts Payable Team Lead – Entertainment Giant – Dublin South – 40k – 50k
  • AP Manager – Technology – Dublin North – 65-75K
  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Construction – Dublin City – 30k – 35k
  • Assistant Financial Controller – Hospitality – Dublin South – 40k-45k
  • Part Qualified Accountant – Distribution – Dublin West, 28 -30k
  • Assistant Financial Accountant – Property Management – Dublin North – 30-35k
  • Financial Accountant (Part Qualified) – Fin Tech – Dublin City – 35-42K
  • GL Analyst – Software – Dublin City – 35-37K
  • Treasury Analyst – Irish plc – Dublin South – 35 – 45k
  • Accounts Assistant – Insurance – Dublin City – 32K
  • AR Specialist – Technology – Dublin City – 36K
  • Part Qualified Accounts Assistant – FMCG/Manufacturing – Dublin City West – 35-40K

….and that’s just for starters.



  • Part Qualified Financial Analyst –Healthcare – 33-37k
  • Accounts Payable Analyst – Technology – 35-40k
  • AP Associate – Services – West Cork – 25-30K
  • Accounting Technician– Healthcare – 30-35k
  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Manufacturing- 27-30k
  • Accounts Receivable Associate – Pharmaceutical -28-31k
  • Payroll Manager – Pharma – 70K++
  • Payroll Team Leader – Manufacturing – 60-65K
  • Payroll Specialist – Technology – 40-45K
  • Tax Accountant – Pharma – Cork – 50-55k
  • VAT Analyst – Pharma – Cork – 40-45k
  • Part Qual Practice Accountant – Boutique Firm – 25-30k
  • Assistant Financial Accountant – Professional Services – Cork City – 38K
  • Assistant FC – Software – Cork City – 40-45K
  • Data Analyst – Pharmaceutical – 35k

….and there’s plenty more coming down the track in Cork.

For the best advice on your professional future AND access to the top finance teams in Ireland, get in touch with Barden (hello@barden.ie) and one of our expert team will take it from there.  Simple.

Make sure you make 2019 count.  
Make sure you know your options.
Make sure you know Barden………It’s time to have your cake & eat it.

At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future. Got a topic you would like us to research? Got an insight you would like us to share with our audience? Drop us a note to hello@barden.ie and we will take it from there!

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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