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Shane Moran's Story

“Coming to the end of your training contract in any of the Big 4 / accounting firms can be an anxious time. I, like many others, didn’t really think to what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, what area I wanted to move into until close to my contract finishing. It can be easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of recruiters out there who are constantly getting in touch and sending job opportunities. There are so many things to think about coming to the end of your training contract. Decision making at this stage of your career is vital. So it is important to have the right information given to you from the onset and that is one thing I found with Barden. They were keen to answer any questions that I had on the recruitment process, explain the current market for jobs coming out of training contracts and also future prospects.

Coming out of your training contract there were a few things in particular that I was worried about; my CV, the interviewing process and going for jobs that I want rather than going for jobs that recruiters want.

Initially the first thing I needed to do was update my CV. I had not done this since before my training contract so this needed significant work. When I reached out to Barden for assistance on this they were more than happy to offer guidance on how my CV should look, what should be included and make it as relevant as possible for a newly qualified accountant. Anybody who is coming to the end of their contracts will generally be under pressure in work already so it was extremely helpful to receive assistance and feedback on my CV in a timely manner and prior to approaching any job opportunities.

After meeting with Barden, I found they were very aware of what kind of area I had an interest in working in and also what sort of role I was seeking. This helped me feel at ease that there was someone out there working for my personal interest. They kept me up to date with alternative job opportunities when I had requested them but focused on providing me with job opportunities for my areas of interest.

Like most people in training contracts, I had not done an interview for another job since during college. The thoughts of doing important interviews again can be quite daunting. Barden helped me prepare meticulously for any interviews that were upcoming – even going out of their way to assist me with a role that they were not recruiting me for. I really felt this defined Barden and the way they put you first.

Barden were in constant contact with regard to interview times, locations and also following up to how the interview went. From my experience with Barden I have nothing but positive things to say about their people and processes. I would highly recommend anyone coming to the end of their training contracts or looking for a career change to get in touch with Barden.”

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