Voted the #1 Recently Qualified Accountant CV in Ireland....

When you qualify as an accountant, getting your CV career ready is not straight forward.    

In Barden we’re the experts at making sure your recently qualified accountant CV stands out.  Our expert team voted this format the #1 for recently qualified accountants in Ireland.  Why?  Because it’s the format we use when giving our people a competitive advantage out there.

Download our Recently Qualified CV Template today and make sure you’re competing for the jobs you really want out there OR just email for a copy in MS Word if that’s easier for you.


A little more about CV’s …..

You probably have your graduate CV from back at the milkrounds – you will likely dig it out and maybe even cringe a little when you read it.  You are a very different person now and have a very different skill set.   Your CV is the document that will represent you when you are not in the room.   Your CV is the document that hiring managers will use to compare you with other recently qualified accountants.  It will play a role in making (or breaking) your future.

It is key to get good advice on your CV before you start looking for a job.  That’s where Barden comes in.

Our specialist recently qualified accountant recruitment team (meet our team) are all practice trained and qualified chartered accountants themselves.  As such we understand how daunting the idea of moving after your training contract can be. Recently qualified accountants often tell us that the most difficult part of the overall process is the preparation of their CV.  The type and level of information to include, whether you should name your clients and whether you should include some information about you as a person (hobbies/interests)….these are some of the things that people wonder, and sometimes fret, about.

Here at Barden, we place huge emphasis on advising qualified accountants on how to create the perfect CV.  We have created a sample CV template to get you started, but nothing beats sitting down over a coffee, 1:1,  and getting tailored advice on your CV.  We can learn about your experience and make sure you put your best foot forward.


Not only are most of our recently qualified accountant recruitment team in Barden (meet our team) accountants just like you, we have all been trained in the Barden Career Model (TM).  This unusual blend of experience, knowledge and training allows us to provide a different type of recruitment service!

Contact OR and our recently qualified accountant recruitment experts will arrange a time that suits you to start planing your future.

(Got another question?  Need a steer to keep you on the right track?  Check out the Barden Newly Qualified Accountant Career Guide right here>>>)

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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