Some salaries for Qualified Accountants in Cork are bucking the's why.

As Cork continues to build momentum there is an almost insatiable appetite for qualified accountants at the 0 to circa 5/6 year PQE level. Fact.

Demand outstripping supply is putting pressure on salaries.  Traditionally salaries in Cork have been 10-15% lower than the equivalent in Dublin and a little lower again versus London or Sydney.  In addition managers/snr managers have had to take a hair cut on salaries when moving to industry.   It’s just the way things have always been….until now.

A small number of Cork tech firms are bucking the trend and, in some instances, are prepared to pay near equivalent salaries as are paid in bigger markets.  They are also adapting to the changing landscape by offering Big 4 Managers/Snr Managers an easier path into industry; maintaining their base salaries – the beauty about some of these roles is that not only do they offer equivalent salaries, some will even allow you to build yourself up in the business over time before taking on people management responsibilities.  This approach is breaking the mold.


“We been pleasantly surprised at the packages on offer from one Tech firm in particular. Having worked work closely with them for the last number of years we have helped them secure ambitious talent for their growing organisation; ambitious talent that have been able to maintain (or even enhance) their standard of living while transitioning back to Cork OR out of practice OR, in one instance, both!” – Jonathan Olden | Managing Partner | Barden Cork


If you’re looking to make a strategic move in Cork OR a lifestyle move back to Cork and want to get a clear steer in terms of salaries, roles, the norm and the exceptions the Barden have you covered.

Curious?  Drop Jonathan Olden and his team in Barden Cork an email ( and the guys will take it from there.

Barden – #proud to be a part of shaping the future of finance in Cork.

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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