If you think autonomy, variety and responsibility are important ...boy have we a finance team in Cork for you!

In large, hierarchical structures it can sometimes get a little crowded.  With layers of management it can be hard to get access to the work you want; hard to make a real impact.

That’s why one of our key clients in Cork are creating a finance team with a difference.  What’s their difference?

  • A flat structure where your Head of Finance is always within reach
  • Broad, responsible roles where you can make a real contribution, without some of the obstacles that can sometimes come with managing people
  • An environment where you can become a significant, individual contributor, with significant personal and financial reward
  • The opportunity to run self conceived and self directed projects to drive your business forward
  • Unlimited professional development and advancement – if you want it.

“We keep the high volume, lower value activity offshore.  Our team in Cork are, to a person, experienced, top class qualified accountants that, together, make the important decisions, deliver on the important deadlines and decide on the future of our finance team.  That’s unique.  That’s what makes us different.” –  Head of Finance

Curious?  We were….We were so curious that we sat down with the existing finance team;  1:1. We listened to their stories. We learned their “why”.  And now we have the privilege of sharing their story with the accounting community in Cork.

With multiple roles for qualified accountants at multiple levels, now is the time to join this ambitious growing team…team with a difference.

Curious?  Contact Jonathan Olden or Sarah Barry in Barden | Cork today on ​021 2376124  or email cork@barden.ie and the guys will take it from there.


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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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