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“Multinational enterprises rank transfer pricing as their single most important international tax issue”

This was quoted back in 2011 by Jeffrey Owens, former Director of the OECD. 5 years on, transfer pricing is still seen as one of the most important international tax issues with multinationals.

The explosive growth of international trade in an era of globalization, and the fact that a substantial part of this trade is between associated companies, has contributed to the importance of transfer pricing. Furthermore the intensified media scrutiny around tax transparency amongst global corporations, has ensured transfer pricing remains a key issue for companies, governments and society. Of course, other related strategies and policies such as BEPS, country by country reporting etc has contributed to its importance.

The current transfer pricing landscape has created some interesting opportunities for tax professionals in Ireland. As corporates and practices regard transfer pricing to be the single fastest growing tax issue, a career in transfer pricing can be an excellent path to embark upon. There is common misconception out there that transfer pricing can be too specialized and lack opportunity to gain real commercial experience of a business. However, by its very nature, transfer pricing requires an understanding of the individual parts of a business and the risks it faces. Transfer pricing is a challenging and varied area requiring interaction across all parts of a business. Unlike other tax specialisms, transfer pricing is based on OECD guidelines and thus provides transfer pricing specialists with multi jurisdictional opportunities.

Barden are currently working on a number of transfer pricing opportunities within some of the leading practices and multinational organizations in Ireland.

Please get in touch with Kate Flanagan ( – your Barden tax career partner for insight and advice on a career in transfer pricing.

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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