4 Top Team Building tips for January

There is a lot to think about in January. So much that often, after the initial ease-in of the ‘first-week-back-to-work’, we’re all full on. January is just one of those months – from catch up, to all heads down and focused on getting in a good start to a successful year.

However, as you well know, there’s more to think about. One of the most common things that gets overlooked (beyond the relatively sociable reminiscing of the New Year shenanigans, burnt turkeys and inevitable chocolate overindulgence) is team spirit. Notably, building team spirit. At what can be, a fairly bleak time of year. Getting everyone in a line, and off to the best possible start that they can achieve should be top of mind.

Get your priorities straight

You probably already know what you want to achieve in 2018. You may have already completed the planning process, or even better, if you haven’t, this is the perfect time to get everyone involved. Include your team in this process. Resist the temptation to shut the door and rattle it all out yourself. One of the best motivations you can give your team to achieve is to include them in the critical goal-setting stages – promoting ownership and accountability, all year long.

Spot skill and training gaps early

No good saying you’ll focus on this later. Personal development plans have a funny knack of being pushed out indefinitely unless you seize the reigns. Getting a grip on the gaps you and your team need to bridge to deliver what you’ve set out to achieve is key to having a good year, as well as keeping your team engaged, motivated and productive. Plus, you may need some of that budget you’re busy allocating to other projects!

Convert the opportunity of a year stretching out ahead

Make continuous improvement a theme. If you’re busy, you’ll stay in a constant state of business unless you identify some ways to make you and your team’s jobs more efficient. It may seem more time consuming to allocate projects out at the start, but the benefits of shaving a few hours off month end, or automating a process previously someone had to run every week will bear fruits throughout the year if started early.

Make time for ‘team’ activities

Another thing that gets overlooked at this time of year. Sure, at Christmas, social events and opportunities to create events are obvious. After Christmas, most people either hibernate, are on a gym-kick or are in savings-mode. Find another way to build team spirit – whether that’s a weekly after-work run or a lunch and learn session every month – any idea to get the team together in a more informal setting with an opportunity to talk, laugh and lift the mood.

Wishing you a prosperous 2018 from all at Barden.

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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