4 Top Tips for Progressing your Career in 2017

Scrooge may not have succeeding in taking the Christmas spirit away from us, but one thing is for certain: the ghost of the January Blues is eyeing up your New Years’ Resolution ‘List’ with utter disdain, and a winner’s smirk.

Yes, we all know they don’t work. See, the problem with most New Years’ resolutions is that they always involve ‘big’ changes – and are usually more akin to ‘aspirations’ – that fall apart he minute the dreary reality of January hits. Rarely do we actually list small changes – because ‘small’ doesn’t sound grand, or important enough to make the grade.

In work, you wouldn’t go in, overturn the tables and tell everyone that they’re going to have to completely change the way they do their jobs – because, as you well know, it just wouldn’t work like that. So why do we think we can muster up the magical spirits with our own lives and make massive changes, all at once?

To help, I’ve come up with some small, but powerful ‘suggestions’ for 2017 that will make all the difference to your career.

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Always avoided the run club but know it would be good for team building? Been asked to join the commercial team for a secondment? Been thinking about applying for an MBA but not found the time? Now’s the time – be brave, take confidence and make one ‘new’ thing part of your routine. Even if that’s just putting on a pair of runners you haven’t worn for a few months!

Don’t ‘Quit’ or ‘Start’- Come Up with a Solution

It’s just as easy to make a resolution saying you’re ‘not’ going to do something as you’re going to ‘do’ it – give up the social cigarettes, not let work creep into your weekend, or give up your morning coffee. But without changing your mind set, it’s likely not to last longer than the first week. Start to think about what you can replace your bad habit with, or what approach you can take to avoid it – a quick gym session at lunch instead of that sneaky ciggy ‘walk’, or a more disciplined approach to diarising ‘admin’ time to manage your workload?

Get Yourself a Mentor

Most leaders I talk to may have confidants they can talk to, or may have people that aspire them, but only a few have official mentors. If you’re lucky, your employer might be able to facilitate this for you, but if not, there are many ways you can establish this type of relationship – perhaps with a previous boss or through a networking group. Having an impartial superior evaluating your career is invaluable – and an essential sounding board for success.

Become A Mentor

Whatever stage of your career, you can always help others. As an aspiring Leader, at any level, you will certainly have valuable insights, stories of success and learnings from failures, to share with others. There is nothing more rewarding than that feeling of helping others, plus, it will give you additional experience in coaching and talent development – reaffirming your confidence in your own capability and giving you the boost you may need to take the next valuable step up in your career.

Here’s to a very happy and prosperous 2017 from the team at Barden!

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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