Are you a Qualified Accountant considering a move to Oz? Read On…

On a drizzly February evening, thoughts of a beach lifestyle seem pretty appealing.

Even if you’re in a role you really enjoy, it’s highly likely that you’ve discussed with friends or a partner a potential move abroad. Despite other contestants entering the race like New Zealand and Canada, and improved opportunities at home, Australia still remains a top option, even if the race to the airport seems to have slowed a little bit in recent years.

But, moving to Australia requires significant thought, not to mention resources, and you’d be foolish not to give the move and its impact to your career proper thought before purchasing that golden ticket.

Here’s our view on a number of top questions:

#1 Will I get a job?

Short answer: There is no shortage of jobs for top talent

As you know, there can never be any guarantees, however jobs for qualified accountants with solid credentials are in good supply. The most common qualification in Australia is CPA, however the Chartered Accountant qualification is well respected and often required, which is good news for auditors. Even better news is that the requirement for a Practice training is not quite as prevalent in Australia, so if you’ve trained in industry you might have access to some roles and sectors that you don’t have here.

#2 What is the possible impact on my career?

Short answer: You’ll be just as in demand when you come back

You must consider this point, especially if you’re in a good job with an obvious career path right now. The challenge is that although the roles you pick up on a 6-month working visa might be interesting, they will be contracts, and are not likely (unless you want to stay) to offer you much in terms of career progression. Add to this the dynamic that you may want to travel, and you’ll find that a year in Australia may only equate to 6-9months practical working time. So, technically, you do risk stalling your career, especially if you are clear about your intention to return to Ireland and continue in the vertical you are in now.

You could look at a different way: as an opportunity to gain experience in a different industry sector, or type of role. This is the type of opportunity you might not get in Ireland, but may achieve more readily in Australia. Variety and breadth of experience is important for future career progression, so if you choose your assignments wisely you could build up a portfolio of useful contracts that showcase new capabilities, and position you well for your return to Ireland.

#3 What might go wrong?

Short answer: You might not come back

If you’re happy with to take the risk mentioned above, you are very unlikely to negatively impact your career in the long term. More likely, the experience you gain in Australia will only positively impact your career, broadening your horizons, demonstrating your adaptability, and giving you international experience you can always reference in future career moves. Given the opportunities prevalent not only in Australia, but also across the APAC region, the real risk is you might not come back!

#4 Is the recruitment process different there?

Short answer: No

Setting aside visa requirements, which you’ll need to be considered for any role, the recruitment process is no different to what you will have already experienced at home. You will most likely find roles through recruitment firms, as they’ll have exposure to the shorter roles that will fit in with your 6-month visa restrictions.

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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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