Barden Career Model in Action

Barden Part Qualified Career Guide Blog Series…Next Up The Barden Career Model in Action

Are you a part qualified accountant and planning your professional future? If so, then this is the perfect blog series for you. Over the next few weeks we’ll share some excellent insights from the Barden Part Qualified Career Guide, which will help you plan and navigate your professional career.

Next Up…The Barden Career Model in Action

In the last edition of this blog series we looked at ‘YOUR Barden Career Model’. In this edition we look at making the model work for you.

Now, let’s look at an example of the Barden Career Model in action – meet Billy Barden. Billy has good academics and is completing his professional exams within a hotel in a hospitality group. Billy is getting broad exposure across accounts payable and basic financial accounting, but has yet to get any experience in financial analysis.

Applying the Barden Career Model, Billy can discern the following:

  • Given his exposure, Billy will most likely be perceived to add the greatest value in the strategic business unit of a retail, FMCG, property or similar company. Why? Because hotels are like a property company that rent by the day rather than by the month, hotels sell food and drinks too, and hotels are business to consumer (B2C);
  • As he is coming with experience in accounts payable and some financial accounting, Billy will find it easier to access assistant accountant or financial accounting roles, rather than financial analysis or internal audit;
  • Given Billy’s strong academics and industry experience, he may also have a chance of making an internal move to the group function within hospitality, a move which could fundamentally change his centre in the future.

The above will define companies and roles within Billy’s near environment. Companies and roles that are likely to be in his far environment will include financial services companies and shared services centres; pharmaceutical or medical device companies; and US GAAP environments. Why? Because he has no experience in any of these areas, nor is his experience directly relatable to these areas.

Careers are complicated things and the impacts of today’s decisions can be hard to assess in the context of tomorrow’s choices. Get your Barden Career Model right and you’ll have the best chance of ensuring you walk the right path to your future. Contact your team at Barden for a personalised consultation on your Barden Career Model – it could really make all the difference.

Billy’s Career Model

Billy can now use his Barden Career Model as a lens on the external market. The closer an opportunity is to his centre, the easier it will be to access, the higher the salary he can expect to be paid and the lower he can expect his learning to be.

If Billy has a strong aspiration to move into a financial analysis role in a financial services company, he might compromise a little on salary, location or perhaps look at a contract role (‘trading variables’) to access such opportunities in his far environment.

If Billy is smart though, what he might do first is to look at taking on a financial accounting type role (play to his strengths) in a financial services company and then, in time, try to get some experience in basic financial analysis activity, either by volunteering for it or making an internal move.

If Billy really puts his mind to it he can use his Barden Career Model in lots of different, strategic ways to make sure he reaches his goal of financial analyst in financial services, over time…


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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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