If you’re between roles right now...

If you’re between roles right now...

You Are Not Alone

There are a number of accountants out there who, for no fault of their own, are finding themselves out of work; for the short term at least. It could be an offer that was rescinded, it could be that you came to the end of your training contract with no option to remain, it could be that your employers trading situation means that you have been temporarily let go. If this or a similar situation describes you, then you are not alone.

Some Good News

The good news is that there are a number of prevalent sectors in Ireland that are still hiring – Tech, Pharma and Food Retail to name a few. These companies themselves and the SMEs that supply goods and services to them are still hiring business critical people.

The other good news is that while companies are rarely comfortable making long term commitments in uncertain times, they are willing to make short term, contract commitments.

Contract roles are becoming more prevalent with many simply being a first step to a permanent role. Also keep in mind that people currently in roles are far more reluctant to look for a job right now; better the devil you know. So, while there may well be less roles there is less competition.

If You’re Between Roles Right Now…

If you’re between roles right now here’s what you should be doing to make sure you get discovered out there:

  • Sign up for alerts on LinkedIn, Irish Jobs and Jobs.ie – it’s these platforms that employers will go first; and likely in that order. Keep your search as broad as possible and narrow down from there; just so you don’t miss anything.
  • Use this time to get your CV and LinkedIn profile up to scratch – there’s lots of good templates out there and now is the time to take the time.
  • Bespoke every single application – you need to work harder than you did last month to get called for an interview.
  • Keep open minded about contract roles – they are a way in and they are going to be very prevalent out there for a while.
  • Keep in touch with your old employer (and with your prospective employer if an offer was put on hold) – things are changing rapidly out there and you never know what might happen if you keep lines of communication positive and open.
  • Make sure that you get yourself in the right mindset for phone and video interviews – they are going to be a part of the process.

If you do find yourself in a tricky situation between jobs the other good news is that

1) There are good social welfare supports in play right now – make the most of them,

2) You may be able to seek relief/forbearance from your bank/landlord (get on that immediately), and

3) This too shall pass – this might well be a short term cash flow challenge for you but it will be exactly that. Short term. Good accountants always find their feet.  You will too.

Thanks to Accountancy Ireland Briefly who published our blog today. 


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At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future.
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