5 Tax Recruitment Trends in Ireland for 2020

5 Tax Recruitment Trends in Ireland for 2020

2020 is shaping up to be another busy year in tax and the recruitment market in Ireland. So what’s happening right now and what are they key trends to watch out for?

Our tax recruitment expert, Kate Flanagan, put this blog together outlining some of the key trends expected for 2020…

  1. Over 100 countries are working on OECD proposals for a globally coordinated model of corporate taxation. As these proposals have been on the agenda since 2013, we have already witnessed the impact it’s had on corporates to ensure their corporate tax matters are in good place. Tax professionals with strong corporate tax compliance and international tax expertise will continue to be in demand particularly at tax manager 
  2. The world is expanding as corporates continue to grow particularly through acquisitions. Developing a tax strategy, managing tax risk, identifying tax planning opportunities to drive operational efficiencies, plan for the tax efficient structuring of acquisitions, mergers & disposals will be the daily job spec of a tax professional in industry at a senior level.
  3. Candidates most in demand will be the newly qualified tax professionals looking to make their first move from their training practice up to 2/3 years post qualified experience and ample opportunities to join other practices and move to industry are available to these candidates.
  4. A rise in indirect tax specialisms as VAT /GST will apply to much more of the world in 2020 than in previous years/decades. This in turn will impact the use of data and analytics and more teams will pop up in practice and possibly industry around tax technology.
  5. Brexit has finally happened whether we like it or not. It will cause disruption to business operations and trade in Ireland and there will be many tax issues to be considered. However one of the key and imminent areas to consider will be around global mobility. Brexit is increasing the movement of people working across Ireland and the UK and unnecessary tax costs could be incurred by the individual or organisation. As a result, there will be an increased demand for tax advisors within the people teams of the firms.


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