A Barden Guide to Phone Interviews

A Barden Guide to Phone Interviews

Covid-19 is changing the way we do things for a while, including interviews. At the moment, while some in person interviews are happening, many hiring managers are switching to phone interviews and video interviews, especially for the earlier stages of the recruitment process.  In Barden we expect to, and are prepared for, much more of this over the coming weeks.  You should be too.

It goes without saying that the usual interview prep tips still apply, but there are a few other things you need to keep in mind when preparing for a phone interview.

Some Top Tips…

  1. Dress as if you were heading to the interview in person. Why? It helps to get you in the right mindset and brings an air of professionalism.
  2. Prepare your interview space…avoid slouching on the couch! Set up a quiet, comfortable space where there will be no interruptions. And have a glass of water at hand.
  3. Background noise might be an issue…especially if others are at home too. Make sure to try and eliminate any background noise…pick a quiet room, close the door (sounds obvious but something that could be easily forgotten) and wear earphones or ear pods.
  4. Switch off all notifications on your phone, and laptop (if you’re using one).
  5. Have your CV, pen and paper handy if you wish to refer to your CV or make notes.
  6. Another obvious one but…make sure you’re not eating or chewing gum during the interview…remember the sound will travel!
  7. SMILE…smiles can be heard so make sure to smile as you talk.
  8. Taking the call…
    • Make sure to answer the call correctly, greeting the interviewer(s).
    • Use your FULL NAME when answering the call.
    • If it’s a panel interview make sure to remember each interviewers name and address them by name.
  9. PREPARE…prepare properly for an interview and you will perform better at interview. Do your research so you know the company, industry, role and your own CV! Also practice and prepare competency based questions and have your answers ready.

And lastly, good luck!!

Want more interview advice?

We are experts when it comes to preparing for interview. Get in touch with us, at hello@barden.ie, for 1:1 interview coaching by finance professionals for finance professionals. With Barden interview advice you will have an edge on your competition.


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