If it’s back stage passes to the top companies that you’re after, then check out who we’re partnering with right now, and why?

Right now the jobs market for recently qualified accountants is ….tricky.   Here’s why:

  1. Tricky because there are less roles available.   Less roles = higher competition.
  2. Tricky because there are more recently qualified accountants available for a while (few have moved overseas for example).  More supply = higher competition + compounding point 1.
  3. Tricky because hiring managers are expecting more today than they did yesterday. Higher expectations = higher barriers to entry ( in other words a smaller near environment considered…. for those of you who are Barden Career Model coached 😉

The funny thing though… the above holds true in general but what applies, in general, does not always apply in the specific.  A complicated way of saying theory and practice do not always see eye to eye.

In Barden we work more on exclusive roles these days.  Why?  Because we know all about theory and practice.  We know that when you partner with the right hiring manager you can marry the specifics of their requirements to the practical realities of the external market.  You can help them to understand the micro supply and demand forces relevant to their particular requirements.  You can get the right people access to the right roles, regardless of how tricky the market.

Right now Lisa Hughes and her recently qualified accountant team in Barden Dublin are working exclusively on just a few group finance positions across multiple teams and companies.  Some examples include:

  • Group Financial Accountant (Consolidation & Reporting)   – Corporate HQ – Dublin City/South – 55-57K
  • Senior Group Accountant  – Corporate HQ – Dublin City/South – 60-65K
  • Global Financial Analyst – Corporate HQ – Dublin City – 60-65K
  • Investor Relations Analyst – Corporate HQ  – Dublin City – circa 60K
  • Assistant Group Finance Manager – Global HQ – Dublin South – 65-68K
  • Group Financial Accountant – National HQ – Dublin West – circa 55K

Right now we don’t work exclusively with all our clients though.  Give us a little more time and that will change ;-).  In addition to the above there are a number of other assignments being handled by Lisa and her team that might also be of interest…

For a confidential discussion on the above or any of the recently qualified accountant assignments being looked after by Barden in Dublin drop Lisa Hughes a mail at lisa.hughes@barden.ie and Lisa and her team will take it from there.  Simple.


At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future. Got a topic you would like us to research? Got an insight you would like us to share with our audience? Drop us a note to hello@barden.ie and we will take it from there. Easy.

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