Life After College…A Career in Accounting and Finance

Life After College…A Career in Accounting and Finance (2)


Life after college? You’ve done it, you’ve passed your final set of college exams… adulthood can begin! For some people their career path is clearly defined, and somewhat set in stone. But, for others when it comes to figuring out their next steps  and navigating their career path confusion and anxiety often set in, and that all too familiar question of “What do I do now?” takes centre stage.

Here at Barden, we understand this can be a pretty daunting time in your life. When it comes to helping people navigate their careers we’ve got you covered. On top of that a lot of us, here in Barden, have been in your shoes.

To help we’ve put together a series of blogs that share our tips for navigating your career post college exams, and give you expert insights into the big and exciting world of accounting and finance.

Accounting and Finance – Is It For Me?

So, first things first, it’s important to ask yourself….”do I want a career in accounting or finance?”

For those who are coming from an accounting or finance degree they might have a bit of clarity on whether this career path is for them. For those who are coming from a more general business degree, or even a non-business-related degree, it might be a bit more difficult to decide.

To help yourself answer this all important question our first piece of advice would be to gather some information. Do the research and learn all you can about the accounting and finance profession, and the possible jobs and career paths available.

There are lots of simple ways to gather this info including:

  • Read job descriptions online,
  • Reach out to family/friends,
  • Undertake a short-term internship,
  • Speak to some lecturers in your college,
  • Speak with an expert recruiter who specialises in this area,
  • Read interviews and blogs of those in the profession…these often give you what the job/career is actually like!
  • Check out the top accounting and finance companies websites to gain an understanding of their business…you might be surprised at all the different aspects of business and life that accounting and finance play a key role.

Information is key and it will help to clear up any uncertainty you may have.

The Big Exciting World of Accounting and Finance

Okay, I’m 95% sure accounting and finance is for me (realistically nobody is ever 100% sure of anything – there’s always that 5% leap of faith!). But where to go now, where is the best place to qualify, what exams should I sit, how long will it take?

This is where we come in 😉

Over this blog series we are going to cover all those other questions you may have and will help provide you with those golden nuggets of knowledge so you can kickstart your career in accounting and finance.


Reach Out to Us

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