LinkedIn “InMails” – What Even Are They?    

In short… InMails allow anyone with a premium LinkedIn account to message someone directly without the need to send a connection request first.

These were something in my pre-recruitment days while working in finance, that I saw as spam. I didn’t trust where they came from and as funny as it sounds to me now, I felt like there was a risk I could be signing my life away if I clicked into the body of an email!


The true benefits of InMail…

Now that I am sitting on the other side of the fence, I realise that I may have benefited from clicking into that InMail when it landed in my inbox. I hadn’t put too much thought into the fact that there was another person at the other side of that mail who was curious enough to view my profile, had identified a skill set they thought was relevant and took the time to send me a message.

It’s fair to say some of them are spam and can be generic messages sent to a wide a pool of people – this noise you’ll spot easily and can dismiss quickly. It’s also fair to say that here in Barden we pride ourselves in doing things a little differently, and there is careful thought put into each personalised message – we don’t always get it 100% right but we always do our very best.


Why we in Barden send InMails…

We typically send InMails when we are doing a targeted search for a niche role in the market where there is a specific skill set required or to make loose connections with talent that we know we can help when the time is right for them. The InMail might not always result in the person getting a particular role, but at a minimum, it’s always nice to make the connection and build a relationship for the future, even if the role at hand doesn’t end up being “the one”.

In the future, great talent will need great talent partners more and more. Having someone you trust that can give you objective, informed advice about your career decisions is invaluable – there is not a CFO out there who would not credit good advice, at the right time, as being a part of their success. InMails can be a great window on the types of recruiters out there and a way to help you decide who you want to partner with and trust your future to…. check them out, ignore the noise and get connected.


A little bit more about Caroline Frawley ACA

Caroline Frawley ACA is a Chartered Accountant who joined the Barden team in 2021. She works directly with the Mid-Senior Accounting Team to support accounting professionals in Cork and Munster. Before joining Barden Caroline held the role of Financial Controller with Hennessy Hair & Beauty. Prior to this she held senior and managerial roles in Westpac (Australia) and JPA Brenson Lawlor (Dublin). Caroline holds a bachelor of commerce European (Spanish) from University College Cork (UCC).

Caroline’s extensive PQE across industry and financial services is invaluable when it comes to advising and supporting the accounting community in Munster.


Contact Caroline at or via LinkedIn.


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