Meeting the Barden Team…Denis Galvin ACCA

Meeting the Barden Team...Denis Galvin ACCA

Denis Galvin is one of our Mid – Senior qualified accountant recruitment experts in Cork. He is a chartered certified accountant and has spent 10 years across practice, multinational and start up environments.

Denis joined Barden in August 2018. We recently caught up with Denis to find out a little bit more about him.

Where are you from?

I’m from Cork (boy) and now live in Ovens.

Can you tell us a bit about your professional background?

I completed an undergrad in Computer Science & Economics in UCC. Following that I went on to complete my ACCA exams through practice, working with Roberts Nathan in Cork, before making the move into industry. I went on to gain my PQE in industry, working specifically with Apple, Netgear and Genesis. This time enabled me to gain experience across global and European finance hubs and shared services, and also within a rapidly growing, Cork born, technology company.

I joined Barden in 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

What expertise do you bring to accounting recruitment in Cork?

Having worked across different environments in finance, I can provide insights into different types of environments to people who may not have experienced these before. Not to bore people, but I’m strong technically in accounting and fully understand the requirements and intricacies of different roles. I also specialise in interview preparation, that’s probably the area where I bring most expertise.

Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

When I eventually get all of the Barden team out for drinks at one time (restrictions permitting), that will be my greatest achievement.

On a serious note, and not work related, bringing three children into this world with my wife is my greatest achievement.

What made you decide to move into recruitment?

Firstly, I love working with people. I also felt my broad range of experience from working in different environments would help me help others. And lastly, I wanted to try something new while still being able to utilise the 10 years of experience built up in finance.

What’s your role in Barden?

My role in Barden is to help and advise Mid to Senior Accounting professionals on managing their careers and also to help our clients attract and retain the best talent in the Cork market.

What are your top tips for anyone looking for a new opportunity?

Contact Barden!

What three words best describe you?

Enthusiastic, ambitious, honest

What’s your favourite movie?

I’m not a big movie fan but I really like ‘The Big Short’. Any spare time I have with three kids these days, I like to make a break for the golf course, rare as you can imagine.

What age were you when you had your first paying job? What was it?

I was 14, turning 15. I worked in Smyths Toy Store for Christmas. I’ve always worked from that age right through school and college, mostly with my Dad in the small family business.

And finally, what do you think other people should know about Barden?

They should know that we’ll look after them, we genuinely have their interests at heart, and we’ll do our best for them and their career.

Is there any question I should have asked you but didn’t?

You should have asked me to share something people don’t know about me… time 😉

Need help achieving your ambitions? 

Are you a qualified accounting professional in Munster looking for help in achieving your ambitions? If so get in touch with Denis Galvin at today who is ready with lots of CV, LinkedIn, interview and career advice along with cutting edge market insights.








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