Navigating Your Legal Career… Pause, Reflect and Take Time to Understand What Drives You

Navigating Your Legal Career…Pause, Reflect and Take Time to Understand What Drives You

If you find yourself at a crucial juncture in your legal career and are considering your best next step, it is essential, before making any moves, to reflect on the motivations that have brought you here and those that will shape your future choices.  

The legal profession offers a diverse array of opportunities, each appealing to different personal drivers. In my experience, lawyers can be complex creatures, each with different goals and motivations. So before you take that next step, take the time to… 

Understand What Drives You 

Does the prospect of substantial financial rewards remain a significant factor for you? The stability and financial reward that a legal career can provide is a compelling motivator that likely continues to play a pivotal role in shaping your professional journey. However, finances are not the primary driver for everyone. 

Does the allure of reaching senior levels in the legal field still hold its appeal? There has historically been a certain sense of prestige attached to a legal career and this might give you genuine pride in your achievements. Your family, who take pride in your accomplishments, may also feel this. Knowing that you have made your family proud can naturally motivate you in your career. Still, it can also arguably become an unwelcome influencer for those considering a lateral move. 

Being a subject matter expert might continue to resonate deeply with you. Delving into intricate legal matters provides you with a unique edge, enabling you to offer invaluable insights and solutions to clients, and adding a strong sense of fulfilment in your day-to-day. 

It may be your dedication to justice that continues to drive your legal pursuits. If advocating for the vulnerable, upholding rights, and contributing to societal well-being remain a driving force for you, your commitment to justice can continue to shape your path as a lawyer in profound ways. 

Embrace Your Continuing Journey 

Understanding your personal motivations is incredibly helpful. You must also recognise that these motivations will evolve as your career and personal life progress. Embrace this evolution and consider how your current motivations align with your goals and aspirations. This self-awareness will become key as you make important career decisions. 


Navigating your legal career is a continuous journey, one that requires introspection and adaptability. By exploring the motivations that drive individuals in the legal field, you can gain valuable insights into what resonates with you personally. Remember, everybody has different motivations and priorities, there is no universally “right” decision. When you face important decisions, take time, talk to someone, and determine what is right for you. 

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