Salary Survey 2021…Key insights for Newly Qualified Accountants

Salary Survey 2021…Key insights for Newly Qualified Accountants

On the 2nd September 2021 we had the publication of the Chartered Accountants Leinster Society Salary Survey 2021, in partnership with Barden.

For us it’s essential that we can provide the best up-to-date and cutting edge insights when it comes to reward for the professionals we work with and to support them in making the best informed and strategic decisions for their professional futures.

As one of the team who specialises in the Newly Qualified market I wanted to share some of my key findings from the results, and in particular focus on those relating to Newly Qualified Accountants…

  • The average basic salary for all Newly Qualified Accountants across all sectors is €54,533.
  • The average salary package for Newly Qualified Accountants in Industry is €59,393.
  • The salary package for Newly Qualified Accountants in all sectors is €57,164.
  • There is unprecedented demand for Newly Qualified Accountants in the market at the moment – there has naturally been a dip in supply given the increase in companies now hiring compared to this time last year.

The key takeaway from this year’s salary survey is the significant change in attitudes from employees at all levels towards the employment market versus 2020. 67% of members in 2021 believe the market is buoyant versus 25% in 2020. This is great news for Newly Qualified Accountants who are coming up to their out of contract date in October 2021, and into April 2022. Exciting times ahead!

Opportunities have increased hugely this year particularly for those at the newly qualified and manager level within industry and practice. Newly Qualified Accountants should also be really confident with the remote onboarding process – 76% of employees rated their employers good or very good in adapting to working from home arrangements. 48% of participants did say they are working more hours (at all levels of employees – NQ to Senior) but this will naturally improve as we make the move back to the office.

During a stage when many organisations are finalising their new working policies this survey could not have come at a better time. The hybrid working model seems to be the most common approach for employers and employees going forward – 52% will be working with a mix of in-office/onsite, and 48% working from home. It is important for employers to bear in mind that employees want to be involved in the design of what future working arrangements will look like rather than making plans independent of their employees and it is important for members to work closely with their employers at this time.

To download a copy of the Salary Survey 2021 publication click here.

I hope you found this helpful and if you would like further information, please feel free to reach out to the Recently Qualified team here in Barden!

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