Starting a job remotely – an insider’s perspective – part 3…

Starting a job remotely - an insider’s perspective – part 3…

So, this new phenomenon of virtual on-boarding – how do you feel about it after reading our previous two blogs?

As we enter into the third blog of the series, we can definitely start to notice some trends:

  1. Yes, starting a job remotely is different.
  2. No, it isn’t impossible.
  3. Everyone is going to have a different experience but thanks to technology, companies are able to provide a seamless on-boarding experience and it’s all about using the technology to your advantage.

Next up we spoke with one of our own finance recruiters, Nicole, who ended up joining Barden the week of lockdown 2020. She was lucky to meet the team and start her induction in person but 95% of her career with Barden has been very virtual!

Nicole Carroll | Senior Associate | Barden

How have you found starting a job remotely?

I joined the Barden team 3 days before lockdown in 2020 and have to admit I was exceptionally lucky to get to meet everyone in person before beginning.  It seems like a novelty now but those initial interactions went a long way when trying to settle in once we started working from home. Having a supportive team environment makes all the difference and not being afraid to reach out for help is key.

Did you find it difficult to hit the ground running?

Working from home was relatively new back in March 2020 so everyone was on a learning curve to some degree. It felt easier knowing other people were trying to find their feet in a new working world. Companies are so accustomed to this work situation now that the training procedures should be in place to ensure people supported in hitting the ground running as much as possible.

What are your top tips to anyone starting a new role remotely?

 Put yourself out there to get involved with different projects within the team, it gives you time to build up relationships and mimics the interactive learning usually present in an office-based scenario. Get your routine sorted as soon as possible – your work has never been so accessible, make sure when you’re logging off in the evening, you put the laptop away or lock the office door. Give yourself time away from work to avoid burning out.

We also caught up with Emer who recently made the move from tax practice to industry and is now working as an Assistant Tax Manager with a large MNC.

Emer O’Brien | Direct Tax Assistant Manager

How have you found starting a job remotely?

I was quite apprehensive about starting a new role remotely, but I needn’t have worried! My new team have made the transition really easy, primarily using zoom meetings as a way to keep connected, whether about work or just for informal catch-ups. Everyone has been so helpful, and I feel very supported while settling into my new role, despite never actually having met any of the team in person!


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