Tech Leaders in Ireland just talked to EY about talent… guess what they said?

If you missed it, EY just came out with a fascinating survey of Tech leaders in Ireland – here are the key takeaways we spotted according to

#1 A whopping 95% of Irish tech leaders are planning to keep or increase their spending on technology in the next couple of years. They’re really investing in the future!

#2 Good news for tech professionals! Around 93% of Irish chief technology officers (CTOs) are planning to maintain or even increase their IT staff. They recognise that a strong tech team is more important now than ever.

#3 The biggest challenge these leaders are facing is the shortage of IT skills ( finding good tech talent is tough!). About 32% of them are worried about it. Other concerns include the possibility of a recession (27%) and disruptions in the supply chain (12%).

#4 While nearly 40% of CTOs see data analytics as a crucial technology for creating value, it’s surprising that only 11% say their organizations are really data-driven. But hey, 44% of them are working on digital transformation programs, so they’re catching up!

#5 Tech leaders are really excited about some specific technologies that can bring immediate benefits. They’re interested in things like process automation (automate those tedious tasks!), data analytics (gotta make sense of all that data), and cool stuff like the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G (super-fast and connected). On the other hand, things like blockchain, the metaverse, 3D printing, and quantum computing are still not widely adopted. They might have potential, but they’re not quite ready for prime time yet.

Overall, Irish tech leaders are focused on growth and adding value through talent in their organizations. They’re aware of the challenges, but they’re optimistic about the future. In Barden’s Technology recruitment practice, we are too.


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