The future of accounting – 95% see no impact, or a positive impact from automation…would you agree?  

The recent Salary Survey from Chartered Accountants Ireland Leinster Society, in partnership with Barden, not only looked at salary, career satisfaction and fringe benefits, but also asked members about technology and the future of accounting.

Whether it’s freeing up time, saving costs, enabling you to deliver more value added services or serve your clients better, technology in itself can bring a range of benefits.

Embracing technology is a must for any profession but with the speed of changes and advancements taking place in the accounting profession it’s an absolute must for all those involved.

Some of the results of the Salary Survey are outlined below…would you agree?

  • 95% of respondents see no impact or a positive impact from Automation.
  • 89% of respondents see no impact or a positive impact from Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Big Data (45%) and Automation (70%) are cited by respondents as having a positive impact.

For more read the Salary Survey today.

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