The jobs market for newly qualified accountants is about to get more competitive; Here’s why…

There is a long-established pattern of hiring activity (demand) around Newly Qualified Accountants which typically peaks in April/May and Sept/Oct each year, coinciding with the end of training contracts (supply).

The cycle looks something like this:  Company A goes to market, hires a newly qualified accountant and, 12 -18 months later, as they 1) move to a new company, 2) move internally, 3) leave to travel overseas, and so on… a gap is created again and Company A goes back to the market to hire another newly qualified accountant. Make sense?

This pattern has driven hiring activity for many years but was disrupted over 2020 and 2021 as a result of…the obvious.  Now that things have normalised socially we expect this pattern to reemerge now in 2022.

As the pattern re-establishes itself we should see supply and demand hitting an equilibrium again over the coming months.  Hiring managers will have more choice than they did in recent years and candidates will have slightly less choice (more competition) than in recent years, but this will peak in April/May and likely tip back in favour of candidates as we head towards the summer months. Simple.

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