To Stay in Tax Practice? Or Move to Tax Industry?

As a Recently Qualified Tax Professional, you are more than likely faced with a tough decision right now – to stay on the Tax Practice path or move to Tax Industry path.

If you have decided Tax Practice is for you long term – you have one less decision to worry about and you can focus on building your career in practice!

If you’re finding it hard to make a decision between Tax Practice and Tax Industry, don’t worry. We have a few tips to help make that decision a little bit easier.


1) Firstly, do you see yourself in Tax Industry in the future? If you’re not sure, now might be a great time to do some research – chat with some Tax Industry professionals and read over some Tax Industry job descriptions online.

2) When should you make the move to Tax Industry? This is probably the No.1 question we are asked – it really depends on the person. Staying on in Tax Practice just to get the Manager title is the wrong reason to stay on. If you feel there is more that you can learn from your current role that could benefit your Tax Industry career then yes, it may be worth staying. But it’s possible to make the move to Tax Industry as a Tax Senior or Tax Assistant Manager.

3) Is it possible to move back to Tax Practice in the future? Broadly speaking yes it is. Many professional service firms really value the Tax Industry knowledge and expertise. We have seen a lot more professionals moving back to Tax Practice over the last while.

4) If I speak with a Tax Recruiter now, will I be expected to interview for jobs? Definitely not. Here in Barden, we are advisors first, jobs second. Our initial chat with any professional, no matter what level, is focused around getting to know them and educating them on their career potential, in the short term or long term.


If you’re ever curious about your career potential…

Feel free to reach out and we are more than happy to arrange a confidential chat. Drop me, or one of the team a note on and I’ll take it from there….

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Kate Flanagan CTA | Partner & Expert Recruiter in Tax, Treasury & Practice | Leinster –

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