Unlock Global Engineering Opportunities with PepsiCo

Unlock Global Engineering Opportunities with PepsiCo

Are you an engineer seeking to make a significant impact on a global scale? Look no further than PepsiCo’s Hub for Global Engineering. Their strategic headquarters in Cork, Ireland, offers a unique blend of professional growth and personal connections.

Here’s why joining PepsiCo’s puts you and your engineering career on the World Stage:

Strategic Reach: PepsiCo’s Cork location serves as a pivotal hub for shaping engineering strategy worldwide. Whether you’re designing greenfield sites or optimising production lines, your work will resonate across their global operations.

Diverse Challenges: As part of the PepsiCo team you will tackle a wide range of projects. From project management to innovation, you’ll contribute to groundbreaking solutions that enhance efficiency, drive excellence, and support the drive to a more sustainable world.

Continuous Improvement: PepsiCo invest in research and development at their Cork facilities. They are committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that their engineers stay at the forefront of innovation.

Balancing Work and Life: While global opportunities beckon, they understand the importance of family and community ties. With PepsiCo, you can play big-league ball while enjoying all that Cork life has to offer.

Ready to Explore? Reach out to Jonathan Olden, Managing Partner with Barden Munster, at jonathan.olden@barden.ie to discuss how you can be part of PepsiCo’s global engineering team.

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