What Can You Do Today to Build Your Resilience?

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At times of adversity the word ‘resilience’ often comes to the fore. But what does it really mean and what can you practically do to build your resilience? We asked John Slattery, from our Partner Firm INSPO, to write a blog for us on the topic. Here’s what he had to say…

Critical or Crucial?

I find myself, on occasion, criticising myself for using phrases like critical, crucial etc. in describing a central topic at the outset of the blog post.

‘Is it really that critical or crucial?’, I’d often ask myself.

This post is the most certain I have ever been that the words critical or crucial are relevant. The world is changing dramatically right before our eyes. We will need all the resilience that we can garner within our being to manage the change upon us, and ahead of us.

We must start building resilience now.

Before offering two ways to get started on that building process, let’s first establish a common understanding of resilience.

What is Resilience?

I lean on the definition of coach Dr. Carole Pemberton to define resilience. Pemberton describes resilience as “the capacity to remain flexible in our thoughts, feelings and behaviours when faced by a life disruption or extended periods of pressure so that we emerge from difficulty stronger, wiser and more able.”

So, it is this three-fold flexibility that we have to build.

The question now is; how do we build it within ourselves? Let me offer two areas to work on as a starting point.

How to Build Your Resilience?

Your Network…

There are people you know who have the capacity to play a role in your resilience. They are those who help you see a way through a challenging time. A call to my father has so often helped me find a good perspective at a time when the wood and trees seemed as one.

The question for you is; who in your network has that same ability to help you in times of challenge?

As a simple self-check, rate out of 10, how good you feel you are at reaching out to them when faced with periods of pressure or tension? If the answer is less than 10, make a commitment to take action to improve the number, and improve your resilience.

Your Activities…

Certain activities can play a key role in your resilience. One category of activities is those that help you maintain a sense of inner-calm and grounded-ness. Yoga has helped me immeasurably to find a very solid base mentally, which comes to my aid in normal, as much as difficult, times. It is now a key component in my resilience make-up.

The key question for you is; what activities help you create a sense of inner-calm? Again, it’s helpful to rate out of 10 how disciplined you feel you are in ensuring the activity is adequately included in your schedule each week? If the answer is less than 10, then again, I encourage you to create a commitment to action to improve that number for yourself, and improve your resilience.

Your resilience is going to be beyond essential for you through 2020 and beyond. Your investment in it now is going to reap constant rewards.

Please make that investment and be well.

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