What does a career in Tax Industry look like?

As a professional in Tax Practice, you may be curious about a career in Tax Industry. You may have friends or colleagues who have made the move to industry, or you may have worked with tax industry teams as an advisor – but what does a typical day to day look like?

A rule of thumb – no two roles are the same. Your day to day in tax industry will be dictated by a lot of different factors, so it’s important to look at the bigger picture when considering a role in industry!

Here are a few things to consider if you are exploring your career potential in Tax Industry:

Type of Company

Different industries will have different tax considerations. As an advisor in Tax Practice you will likely have exposure to a variety of industries. Working in Tax Industry, your advisory exposure will be tailored to the industry you’re in i.e. aircraft leasing, pharmaceuticals, technology etc.

Stage of Business Life Cycle

Is this a start-up business? Is it a highly acquisitive business? Or is this a well-established business? Whatever stage the business is at, it will have a strong knock on effect on the type of tax matters you may be exposed to – nearly every business decision has a tax effect.

Size of Tax Team

Tax teams vary in size from company to company. Some teams are quite small with 1-3 professionals, others may be well established with up-to 20 professionals. The bigger the tax team the more specialised your role is likely to be.

How Much Work Is Outsourced

The reliance on advisors will give you a strong indication on what your day to day may look like. If the corporate tax returns are prepared in house, it’s likely your role may be compliance driven. If the advisors prepare the corporate tax returns, this means there may be more scope for you to get involved in advisory projects.

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