What’s the market actually right now in Cork? Key Insights for Employers…

_What’s the market actually right now in Cork_ Key Insights for Employers…

There’s no doubt that things have changed significantly over the past few weeks. And what lies ahead is still unclear…but then no one was ever able to predict the future, no matter what the circumstances were!

In Barden we are regularly being asked, by employers and candidates alike, about what the market is actually like right now, and if there is more than just doom and gloom out there.

To help us answer this question we sat down with Jonathan Olden, Partner, Barden Cork to get his insights on the market, and in particular the Cork market.

The Market

 “Well it would be a lie to say we are as busy as ever, but we are quite positive about the Cork market long term. The long term is our focus.  It’s pretty clear that the impact has been quite different across sectors. Yes, we are seeing some businesses who have been adversely impacted but we are also seeing many who have been to a much lesser degree, or not at all.”

The Cork market is different to other locations across Ireland. That sounds like a very Cork thing to say (Ha!) but we are still working with a number of different employers who are actively recruiting, in particular in specific pockets of business. Some companies are in the next phase of growth establishing functions that were planned pre Covid and that were part of their global strategic plans for increased efficiencies. Some of our SME clients have parked hiring plans in an effort to weather the storm, with their focus shifting to trying to keep their teams intact and look after current employees.”

 The Hiring Process

 “When it comes to hiring for many it’s business as usual, the main thing changing is the way in which the interviews are taking place. For example, previously where most screenings and interviews took place face to face, they now take place via phone or video. Those employers who are proactively embracing the technologies enabling these types of interviews are really reaping the rewards and securing the top talent they want and need.”

 “Another key change we’re seeing relates to the offer stage. Before it was extremely rare that someone would be offered a job without having met the hiring manager in person. Now it’s becoming a new norm.”

 Ensuring You Have a Competitive Advantage

“If you are an employer and have temporarily put a pause to your recruitment activities it’s important to note that those who continue to at least consider pipelining talent in preparation for a post-Covid world will have a significant competitive advantage over the coming months. Some of the areas of improvement you have already identified In your function will remain post Covid.”

 Candidates’ Mentality

 “I do believe that people have become more grounded, and perhaps even more realistic (being realistic is good but it shouldn’t hold you back from pushing your boundaries).”

 “Some candidates have shelved their ‘this is the year for my big move’ plans, instead opting for security. Others remain active and determined not to let opportunities pass them by and to change the status quo. To be fair both are entirely logical responses to Covid. I would encourage candidates to use the time to refocus. Do things they haven’t done before, reflect on their own goals and areas for development. If they feel it’s too much to tackle alone there are plenty of fantastic coaches and mentors out there who can help and support. Don’t let the time slip by without doing a little check in with yourself as what you want to do next….this goes for employers and hiring managers too.”

 That’s all for now. We’ll continue to be curious out there and we’ll continue to share with you our experiences and or observations and advice on how to navigate through the coming months and make sure your team comes out of this time stronger for the future. If you’ve got something you’d like us to share please drop a note to jolden@barden.ie.  Stay safe in the meantime.



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