Accounts Payable (AP) Talent Monitor Q2 2023 ….by Barden

If you’re hiring an AP professional this quarter, here are some things you need to know…

AP by any other name is still accounts payable. The exact role is defined by the processes and procedures used by a given company to manage invoice processing/payment, but the name varies depending on the company. You might know it as:

  • AP
  • PTP
  • P2P
  • S2P
  • Or simply Accounts Payable

We meet hundreds of AP professionals every year across a wide variety of companies, structures, and jurisdictions and here is some of what we’ve learned from them over the years.


#1 Base

For AP talent it can be all about the base, so let’s talk reward first. Here is what you would expect to pay today:

You can expect a 10-15% reduction on the above numbers, when considering appointments outside of the greater Dublin area. For bespoke advice, our team can provide further details, contact


#2 Continuum of Activity in AP

Scale is the primary driver for differentiating AP roles. Generally, the larger the AP team, the less of the continuum a specific role will cover, and the smaller the team the more of the continuum is covered. Simple.

Other variables that matter are listed above. There are many and they are what differentiate one role from another. What variables are relevant to the role you are looking to hire matter a lot.  Fact.


#3 Demand vs Supply

The demand for AP professionals in Ireland continues to outstrip the supply of experienced AP talent.

The advent of hybrid working, has had a significant impact on the supply of AP talent. The flexibility afforded by hybrid working has reduced the amount of people in AP that are participating in the market.

The AP profession is identified in the ‘very high demand’ category. Here are some data points about AP market in Ireland this quarter:


What are companies doing to attract talent?

The AP Leaders and Financial Controllers that we work with use some of the following tactics to make sure they get the best results:

  • Competitive base salaries that are talent led rather than budget led.
  • Additional benefits (bonus, healthcare, working abroad for short periods of time).
  • Considered Hybrid working patterns that reflect the nature of the role.
  • Pathways for development internally.
  • Investing in company culture dynamics.
  • Outsourcing or automation.
  • Identifying junior talent and investing in upskilling.

In Barden we understand that each team, role, and requirement is unique. If you would like to discuss what tactics and approaches that would suit you, contact our team here in Barden (; we’re where leaders go before, they start looking for AP talent.


This information is accurate as per April 2023 and will be updated periodically. Data sources include Barden Proprietary Data, LinkedIn Analytics and other 3rd party data sources.  If you have a request and would like real time information to inform your hiring decisions contact Cole Carroll at

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