A Guide to Getting Started as a Contractor…

A Guide to Getting Started as a Contractor… (2)

In our recent ‘The Rise of the Contract Option for Accounting & Tax Professionals’, Kate Flanagan | Partner | Accounting & Tax with Barden, outlined how the employment landscape is changing and we are seeing an increase in contract opportunities coming onto the market, especially for accounting and tax professionals.

If you’re new to contracting, or considering it as a next step in your career, you may have lots of questions on how best to get started. To help, we’ve partnered with Contracting PLUS to bring you the best information on the market about getting set up as a contractor.

First up we look at ‘Is contracting for you’ and  ‘What’s the quickest way to start contracting?’.

Is Contracting For You

Being your own boss takes a certain type of person. According to our friends in Contracting PLUS if you tick the following boxes then contracting is definitely for you…

  • You are confident & motivated.
  • You have a realistic sense of what is possible (mostly around timelines).
  • You are organised and adaptable .
  • You are able to work alone and have confidence in your decision making abilities.
  • You have patience – a stream of work won’t come in overnight, and you might have to say no to a few ‘not ideal’ offers before the right one comes along.

 What is the quickest way to start contracting?

So you’re thinking about contracting, or better yet you’ve just been offered a new contracting position. You may have been  advised to get set-up using an umbrella company solution.

An Umbrella Company is a company structure that you can step into while you contract. Umbrella companies are usually managed by an accountancy firm.

The Umbrella Company is already VAT registered and insured. This offers you an easy to use and cost-effective solution to start contracting. There are no set up or close down costs. Registration into the Umbrella Company can be done within a matter of hours. Umbrella Companies offer a simple, hassle-free option for those who want or need to start working as contractor immediately.

The quickest way to start contracting is to use an Umbrella Company.

In the next edition of this blog series we’ll take a closer look at Umbrella Companies, the different options out there and the benefits of each.

Looking to get set up using an umbrella company?

Contracting PLUS provide a range of accountancy solutions to professional contractors, including umbrella companies. To find out more about how Umbrella companies work check out the video on this page or see www.contractingplus.com.


Interested in exploring contracting roles?

Get in touch with us here in Barden at hello@barden.ie and we’ll be happy to help you on the next steps in your professional career.

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