Barden Payroll Blog Series is One This Month…

Barden Payroll Blog Series is 1

One year ago our experts in payroll careers, Tara Higgins and Niamh Ennis, launched the Barden Payroll Blog Series.

The series delivers payroll focused content and interviews with payroll professionals. It also shines a spotlight on payroll as a career in the Irish market, but most of all gives you the best tips, advice and insights into payroll as a professional career.

2019 in Review…

2019 was another busy year for payroll professionals as we continued to see an increased demand for payroll experts across all industries, with a particular upsurge in the multinational space.

Similarly, there was a demand from indigenous SME businesses for end to end payroll processing experience which we found to be connected to the changing payroll landscape due to the introduction of PAYE Modernisation.

Looking to the Future…

Looking ahead, with 2020 just on the horizon, we asked Steve Bevan and Miranda Humphries on their thoughts on the changing payroll landscape and what they envision for the future;

“Given the multinationals that landed on Ireland’s shores I see a really great future for payroll in Ireland. Payroll is a complex function, with many different aspects including tax, legislation, stock complications and global mobility awards. This in itself provides massive opportunities for people to specialise in a certain area of payroll. There are a lot of merits in it as a career path.”Steve Bevan, Global Payroll Lead, Itron

“Each day, we see more and more demand for a higher level of service from multinational start-ups who are ambitious, assertive and rapidly expanding their global presence. For us, we need to be one step ahead and have the solutions before they come looking.” Miranda Humphries, Associate Director, Grant Thornton.

Thank you…

Tara Higgins and Niamh Ennis would like to take to this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and contributions which has been the foundation for our series and allowed us to create and share bespoke insights, tips and guidance with our community.

And to make it a little bit easier for you, we’ve included a link to each of the blogs below….

Getting Your Payroll CV Just Right

PAYE Modernisation 

The Difference Between In-house and Outsourced Payroll

Continuous development, quick progression and notable rewards…just some of the reasons why you should consider a career in payroll.  

An Interview with Steve Bevan, Global Payroll Lead, Itron, Inc.    

How to Secure Your First Role in Payroll  

Interview Advice for Payroll Professionals  

A Guide to LinkedIn for the Payroll Professional  

Mentors in Payroll – Who, How & Why? 

An Interview with Grant Thornton’s Miranda Humphries, Associate Director – Global Payroll   

Considering your Payroll Career Options?

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