Career Guide 2020

Work's changed That’s why we teamed up with Chartered Accountants Ireland to create the Career Guide for this new era.

Entire professions have been turned on their head since the COVID-19 pandemic shot into focus, not least professional services. And despite the easing of lockdown restrictions in Ireland and elsewhere, many Irish businesses are planning for a new working environment: 78% of CFOs building greater remote working and work flexibility into their future plans, according to the latest PwC CFO Pulse Survey.

New ways of working will invariably require new skills and fresh approaches to work – both on the part of the employee, and the manager/employer. To that end, we have asked several experts to share their tips and insights in this new edition of the Accountancy Ireland Career Guide as both trainee and qualified Chartered Accountants begin to emerge from the frantic response phase and look once again to the horizon.

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