Careers in Funds…Investor Services

Careers in Funds…Investor Services

In the second edition of our ‘Careers in Funds’ blog series Sarah Kavanagh | Senior Associate | Barden Financial Services takes a look at Investor Services

This series has been designed for anyone considering a career in funds, or for those already in funds but looking to make a move to a different aspect of funds.  Over the coming weeks we’ll share these short and sweet blogs with you in the hope that you gain a greater insight into what it’s like to have a career in funds.

What Is Investor Services?

Investor Services (IS), also referred to as Transfer Agency (TA), means keeping record of the funds accounts and providing other administrative services. Typical day to day responsibilities include reviewing monthly subscription or redemption documentation and ensuring systems information is accurate and up to date. It is a very admin focused environment and attention to detail is key.

Careers in Investor Services

A career in IR/TA is ideal for someone who is looking for a routine-based administration type role. You will be dealing with the other departments within the fund administration process including fund accounting, anti-money laundering (AML), treasury etc.

You will also be dealing with the fund managers and the investors themselves at times to ensure all information is accurate. Working on daily/monthly/quarterly net asset values (NAVs) involves coordination with all internal and external parties ensuring all processes are completed efficiently and to meet deadlines


The processes within IR/TA is admin and routine based and may not suit everyone’s needs or wants when it comes to their day to day working life. However, the experience you gain from IR/TA exposes you to many avenues within the fund administration process. In particular AML, custody, compliance etc., which are integral parts of the IR system and vital activities to ensure the information provided to fund managers and investors is correct.

The experience gained in IR/TA will also enable you to develop many transferrable skills for other client facing type roles withing financial services in general.

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About Sarah…

Sarah Kavanagh is a Senior Associate with Barden’s Financial Services practice. She is an expert in financial services careers, predominantly within the asset management and fund services space.

She is a UCC grad, holding a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics & Psychology, and a MBS in Business Economics. She also went on to study and complete the Qualified Financial Advisor, Financial Planning & Services exams with The Institute of Bankers.

Sarah joined Barden in January 2020 and prior to that worked in various aspects of financial services including banking and asset management.

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