Chartered Accountants Ireland and Barden Announce New Partnership to Support Next Generation of Students and Members

Barden CASSI YP Leinster Soc 2024-2026 Announcement

The demand for qualified accountants is predicted to reach 10% above pre-pandemic levels in 2024, according to talent advisory and recruitment firm Barden. They also expect an increase in the supply of accounting talent in the 2–3-year PQE range in the coming 18 months, which should alleviate some of the pressure on companies trying to hire at this level.

Commenting Elaine Brady, Managing Partner, Barden Leinster said

“Demand for talent is strong locally, and compounding this, the past two years have seen over a 30% increase in newly qualified accountant talent moving internationally after qualifying. An injection of highly qualified talent in the coming months will come as a relief to those hiring. The first five years PQE are a pivotal time for accounting professionals – those that are career orientated should expect to move role, internally or externally, between 2-3 times during this formative period. It’s a competitive space.

“Our data shows us that PQE level and salary level are becoming increasingly disconnected after the 3-year PQE mark – many more variables come into play, and it is no longer about PQE but about the ability to create value for a business outside of the accounting function.”

Chartered Accountants Ireland and Barden have today announced a renewed three-year strategic partnership building and expanding on an existing strong partnership between the two organisations. The partnership is focused on three programmes, the Chartered Accountants Student Society of Ireland (CASSI), Chartered Accountants Ireland Leinster Society and Young Professionals, which have a particularly strong focus on the Institute’s strategic priority of engaging the next generation of students and members. The partnership will build opportunities for connectivity, engagement and belonging in the chartered community.

Commenting Sinead Donovan, President Chartered Accountants Ireland said

“This partnership comes at a time when people skills are becoming increasingly important within the accounting profession, and equally the role that accountants play and the value they create is much wider. For those working in business, many more are having an impact in operational and leadership roles, and in emerging areas such as data analytics and ESG functions. Increasingly Chartered Accountants are using their qualifications to create value outside of the accounting function.

“As a body, it is incumbent on us to ensure that our members are equipped for the expanding remit of our profession. Recruitment data shows that 64% of career opportunity come from your direct network – those you trained with, and those you have worked with, so the importance and direct impact on business growth of the Chartered Accountants member networks cannot be overstated.”

Elaine Brady, Managing Partner, Barden Leinster continued

“This strategic partnership between Barden and Chartered Accountants Ireland is the culmination of over a decade of engagement between our two organisations – partnerships of this significance and scale don’t just happen overnight.  We’re delighted to have built the trust to now support Chartered members from their training through to qualification and through their formative PQE years. Helping people make informed decisions about their future, and enabling those decisions, is what we are all about in Barden; this partnership enables us to be there along each critical step with members as they chart the unknown waters of the future of work.”

 Source: Chartered Accountants Ireland 

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