How Have You Been Spending Your Time During Lockdown?

How Have You Been Spending Your Time During Lockdown_

The question every hiring manager will want an answer to!

So if you haven’t interviewed in a while, what can you expect to be discussed when you do finally get shortlisted?

‘Post-Covid’ it’s very likely that most people will invariably be asked ‘How have you been spending your time recently?’, especially those who are not working presently.

Your answer will need to show that you haven’t lost focus, that you have remained inquisitive and committed to learning. Ultimately, everyone’s answer to this question will differ, but if you can highlight your ability to multi-task and maintain a positive mental outlook, then that’s a great start!

Think about how you would answer this type of question…

Your answer may look something like-

‘Home-schooling your kids’ (shows commitment, desire to try different things).

‘Read a new book’ (shows passion for learning & your ability to stay focused).

‘Completed an online course’ (shows a commitment to continually bettering yourself for when you do enter into the workplace again).

‘Volunteering’ (shows empathy, your desire to help others and keep busy).

Don’t underestimate the power of being prepared…

When it comes to interviews, and in particular ‘tricky’ questions, never underestimate the power of being prepared. Without a doubt preparation is key, and as the famous saying, by Benjamin Franklin, goes “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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