Killian O’Leary and Jonathan Olden in Barden are about to re-write what it means to work in IT recruitment… and they’d like your help with the first chapter…

Right now, Killian O’Leary and Jonathan Olden in Barden are embarking on a mission; a mission to change what people expect from IT recruitment –  a mission not just to imagine, but to create, IT Recruitment V2.0.  What will it look like?  We’ve a few ideas, but we’d like to hear yours too.  Some things it definitely won’t be though is:

  • KPI driven – we’re not into doing things for the sake of meaningless numbers.  For us, it’s about quality, not quantity.
  • Transaction led – we’re about advice first, transaction second. We listen, we advise and then we talk about jobs.  Not the other way around.
  • Sales focused – if you think recruitment is sales then we work in very, very different professions.
  • Easy – when you put other people’s needs ahead of your own you have to work harder to get the right result.  You work harder but boy does it feel better 😉

If you’re an experienced IT recruiter (or an IT professional looking to use your experience/qualifications to create value in a different way) and you’d like to be a part of the next generation of IT recruitment professionals in Ireland then we should talk.

Drop a line to Killian O’Leary ( or Jonathan Olden ( and the guys will take it from there.  Easy.


At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future. Got a topic you would like us to research? Got an insight you would like us to share with our audience? Drop us a note to and we will take it from there. Easy.

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