Meeting the Barden Team…Sarah Kavanagh

Meeting the Barden Team...Sarah Kavanagh

Sarah Kavanagh is an Associate with Barden’s Financial Service practice and is based in Cork. She is a UCC grad, holding a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics & Psychology, and an MBS in Business Economics. She also went on to study and complete the Qualified Financial Advisor, Financial Planning & Services exams with The Institute of Bankers.

Since graduating Sarah has worked with some of Ireland’s leading financial services companies including Bank of Ireland, The Citco Group Limited and Alter Domus, in Cork.

We recently sat down virtually with Sarah to find out a little bit more about her…

Where are you from?

I’m from Cork City.

Where did you study?

I went to UCC and completed a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics & Psychology. I then went on to do an MBS in Business Economics, also in UCC.

What did you enjoy most about your time studying?

To be honest it wasn’t really the studying part!

During my time in UCC I joined the UCC dance team and was on the committee too. It was a great way to meet other people, to be involved in something I really enjoyed, and the social aspect was brilliant too! A key highlight was the inter-varsities with other colleges in different counties around Ireland. There was a competitive element to them, but they were mainly just for craic.

How old were you got your first job and what was it?

I was 19, and it was a sports shop in Cork called Cummins Sports.

I really enjoyed it. It was a typical sales assistant job and I worked at it all throughout college, until I started my job in Bank of Ireland.

Where did you work before joining Barden?

I worked with Alter Domus in Cork and was looking after fund administration.

Why did you choose to work with Barden? 

It was obviously a bit of a career change to the previous roles I’d worked in. I had met almost everyone, as a candidate, in the Cork office before I started. The people, the experience they gave me and the general vibe after meeting everyone made me want to work with Barden. I started out as a candidate and left as an employee!

What does your role in Barden involve? 

I’m an Associate with Barden’s Financial Services practice and am based in Cork. I look after financial services roles in both Cork and Dublin, with a particular focus on asset management, insurance, funds and wealth management. The roles I work on cover all levels from those starting out in their careers to senior level.

What’s the best thing about working with Barden? 

I survived! I literally started a few weeks before the first lockdown came into force and I’ve worked at home most of my Barden career. Although that’s a bit strange in itself I’ve really enjoyed it.

What was most surprising to you about Barden?

The office was really cool, there were balloons and graffiti the first time I visited!! It’s the simple things 😉

What was most surprising to you about recruitment?

Like many other in recruitment, I kind of fell into it! 

One of the most surprising things has been the level of work that actually goes into placing someone in a role. It’s not just sending a CV, organising an interview, accepting a role…there is way more work that happens in the background that so many don’t see.

There are a lot of steps, and work, involved in finding the right person for the right job.

What three words/phrases best describe you?

Loyal, honest and dependable.

Glass half full or half empty?

I TRY to be half full 90% of the time.

Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of? 

I survived my first year of Barden and recruitment through the pandemic!

Where in the world would you most like to visit right now? 

If I could get to Kerry at this point, I’d be doing well.

Other than that, anywhere with sunshine.

And finally, who would win a fight between Batman to Wonder Woman.

Oh, Wonder Woman. Definitely.


About Sarah…

Sarah Kavanagh is an Associate with Barden’s Financial Services practice. She is an expert in financial services roles, with a particular focus on asset management, insurance, funds and wealth management. To discuss your financial services career, and what directions you can take, drop Sarah an email on and she’ll take it from there.  Simple.





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