Partnering with Potential…The CASSI & Barden Journey Continues

We can’t believe that we have already started the fourth year of our partnership with the Chartered Accountants Student Society of Ireland (CASSI). The years are flying by and we feel very privileged to be working with such an amazing, passionate and enthusiastic group that make up the CASSI members.

As we kick off year 4 of the partnership we thought it might be a good time as ever to stop for a moment to reflect on the year gone by and see what’s in store for the coming year.

What is the partnership all about?

In Barden we only work with the best. Chartered Accountants do too. And, that’s why we decided to work together.

This partnership with CASSI strikes to the heart of what we are all about in Barden – knowledge and insights first, jobs second. By working directly with, and supporting, CAI and CASSI we are aiming to make a real difference in the lives of the accountants of tomorrow.

“The time, effort and energy we invest in our partnership with CASSI is a real manifestation of our purpose here in Barden – we want people armed with the information and understanding they need to make the most informed decision possible about their future.  It’s as simple as that and it’s want we want to do again this year with the next intake of accounting professionals approaching qualification.”  Elaine Brady | Managing Partner | Barden Leinster

What happened in 2022?

Things were finally starting to return to ‘normal’ after a few strange years with the global pandemic, which challenged the way we worked and did things.

During 2022 we were delighted to see our first in-person event take place in October with the Barden & CASSI FAE Careers Evening in Chartered Accountants House.

On top of this we managed to deliver 7 career webinars, with over 1,000 CASSI members registering to attend. The webinars covered topics to support CASSI members taking the very best next steps in their professional futures.

Our 1:1 career advisory sessions continued to be a massive hit with CASSI members, with over 200 professionals availing of the offering. These sessions are delivered by our expert recruitment team, are personalised and are aimed to answer every question CASSI members might have about their professional futures.

We worked hard to deliver up-to-date and relevant content for newly qualified accountants across lots of different channels including our website, Chartered Accountants Ireland website and student newsletter, our social media channels and CASSI’s Instagram account.  The content included lots of great advice and insights on CVs, interviews, salaries, building your online presence etc. We also grew our ‘Barden Shorts’ and ‘Barden & CASSI Webinar Recordings’ offering on our YouTube channel, which now has over 80 videos. We also partnered with Chartered Accountants Ireland to deliver the FAE Exam Guide 2022.

And finally we launched the Barden Talent Programme in 2022!

“It’s wonderful to see how many options there are for Chartered Accountants at the early stages of their career. The team have really enjoyed mentoring CASSI members over the last 3 years . Every accountant’s goal is different and what’s important to them changes rapidly.

The Barden Talent Programme has been a huge success for the clients and candidates which is super to see especially given that it was only launched in 2022.  We look forward to year 4 of the Barden & CASSI partnership.” Jonathan Olden | Managing Partner | Barden Munster.

What’s next for 2023?

Over the coming year we’ll continue work closely with CASSI to make sure their members get access to the right information, at the right time so when they qualify they can make the right decisions about their professional future.

We’ve already gotten off to a super start, with the support of the new CASSI and regional committee members, and so far have brought you the first in-person event of 2023 with the Barden & CASSC FAE Careers Evening in Cork at the beginning of March.

Our webinar season kicked off at the end of February with over 400 registering to take part.

Also during 2023 we’ll be delivering…

  • More webinars
  • More in-person events
  • More 1:1 career advisory sessions
  • More content, resources, insights and Barden Shorts
  • Building on last year’s launch of the Barden Talent Programme!

How to get in touch with us…

Interested in finding out more, or organising a career advisory session? Drop us a quick email and they’ll be in touch to take it from there.

For anyone in Dublin get in touch with Brian O’Connor ACA, in our Dublin office, at

For anyone in Ulster, Galway, Sligo or the Midlands get in touch with Ed Heffernan, in our Dublin office, at

For anyone in Cork, Munster or the Southeast get in touch with Siobhán Sexton ACA, in our Cork office, at

At Barden we invest our resources to bring you the very best insights on all things to do with your professional future. Got a topic you would like us to research? Got an insight you would like us to share with our audience? Drop us a note to and we will take it from there. Easy.

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