Partnering with Potential…The CASSI & Barden Journey Continues

Partnering with Potential…The CASSI & Barden Journey Continues

As we start the second year of our partnership with the Chartered Accountants Student Society of Ireland (CASSI) we thought it was as good a time as ever to stop for a moment to reflect on the year gone by and see what’s in store for the coming year.

In Barden we only work with the best. Chartered Accountants do too. And, that’s why we decided to work together.

This partnership with CASSI strikes to the heart of what we are all about in Barden – knowledge and insights first, jobs second. By working directly with, and supporting, CAI and CASSI we are aiming to make a real difference in the lives of the accountants of tomorrow.

So, what happened in 2020?

There’s no doubt it’s been a very strange year with a global pandemic hitting just as we started our on our partnership journey! However, this did nothing to deter our partnership or ensuring it’s success.

Like the rest of the world we had to do some pivoting but supported by the fantastic members of the CASSI committee, and the Institute, we managed to deliver 8 career webinars in which 1,000 CASSI members registered to attend.

Our 1:1 career coaching sessions were a massive hit. It was a privilege to work directly with so many CASSI members to help them navigate and decide on the best next steps for their professional futures.

On top of that we were able to deliver some expert resources and insights to CASSI members through their different communication channels.

What’s next for 2021?

“We are delighted to be entering into Year 2 of this partnership – whilst Year 1 was not what was envisaged, through the hard work of the CASSI committee and the team in Barden, we succeeded in helping over 1000 students through our Webinar Series. For us in Barden, it’s all about giving back to the ACA community – leading with information and advice first, and we’re thrilled to be building on this success with the new committee this year. Here’s to a successful 2021!” Elaine Brady | Managing Partner | Barden Dublin

Over the coming year we’ll continue work closely with CASSI to make sure their members get access to the right information, at the right time so when they qualify they can make the right decisions about their professional future.

“In particular for those coming out of their training contact we know the chances are they have lots of questions about their career, their next steps or their professional future. Or maybe they are just looking for some guidance about their CV, interview skills or making LinkedIn work for them. If so we are here to listen and support however we can.” Ed Heffernan | Partner | Barden

So for 2021 we’ll be delivering…

  • More webinars
  • More 1:1 Phone/Video coaching sessions
  • More resources and insights
  • And all going well hopefully we’ll get to a live event or two!

How to get in touch with us…

Drop Barden a quick email and they’ll be in touch to take it from there.

For anyone in Dublin, Ulster or the Southeast get in touch with Lisa Hughes, in our Dublin office, at

For anyone in Cork, Galway, Sligo or the Midlands get in touch with Siobhán Sexton, in our Cork office, at



*Photo from the CASSI AGM February 2020.

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