Positive Self-talk

Positive Self-talk

We all know that the last few months have been challenging in so many ways. Here in Barden we’re passionate about recruitment and are consumed with supporting professionals when it comes to their careers. From time to time we like to share tips and insights that can help when it comes to your career.

Here Killian O’Leary, Partner with Barden’s IT Practice, explores the idea of ‘Positive Self-talk’.

What is it?


“This is your ‘internal dialogue’ and is influenced by your sub-conscious mind.”

It can usually be categorised as either or ‘negative self-talk’ or ‘positive self-talk’

Easier Said Than Done…

Negative ‘self-talk’ can be debilitating for e.g. consistently telling yourself ‘I can’t do interviews’, ‘I’ll never get another job’, ‘No employer needs the skills I have’ etc…

Positive self-talk you say? Easier said than done I know, particularly for those who are currently finding it hard to get back into employment – but the practice of ‘positive self-talk’ can be hugely beneficial as a support tool on your career journey!

Becoming Aware…

For job-seekers for instance, if you have been finding the job search challenging, and have been getting lots of knock-backs, then it’s easy to get into the habit of ‘negative self-talk’. Habits are hard to break and the negativity can undermine your performance when called for your next interview.

Look at it like this…if for instance you’ve been really negative about your prospects lately then it’s only natural that your energy will be negative too. Then all of a sudden you’re called for interview. It can be very hard to flick a switch and turn up for interview in a positive frame of mind.

Such negativity can really undermine your ability to perform and to stay resilient and positive – so be aware of it. Once you become aware you can then monitor it and limit its impact on your life and or career performance.

It’s all about being more ‘self-aware’ & being less hard on ourselves. Become aware of your self-talk and you can manage it better moving forward.

Stay focused, stay resilient and you will successfully reach your goal whatever that may be!

Whether it be in sport, business or job seeking, the practice of positive self-talk can really help you belt it out of the park!


About Killian 

Killian O’Leary | IT Partner | Barden 

Having worked and trained with a number of international businesses, Killian moved into recruitment in 2011 and has held a number of leadership roles, both locally and nationally, since. Killian is a founding member of Barden’s IT recruitment practice, is a subject matter expert in Cyber Security (Cloud, Network, Infra, O/t) & Senior Tech careers, is a qualified and active career coach and advises CIOs and tech leadership teams on attracting and retaining world class talent. Get in touch with Killian at killian.oleary@barden.ie.




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