Setting Goals For Career Progression

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Having a clear picture of what you want from your career is key to realising your ambitions.

Here, in the latest article from the new Barden & Chartered Accountants Ireland Career Guide 2023, Caroline Frawley ACA, Expert in Mid-Senior Accounting Careers, Barden, gives her tips on setting goals in order to progress in your career.

Goal setting is a huge part of my life. I am a big believer in writing down goals, putting in the work and being conscious of what I want to achieve. When it comes to new career opportunities, having a clear idea of what you want is a great tool when beginning a job search. Making a wish list of your dream jobs can really help you target your search and narrow down and identify what you want. You can go into as much detail as you want, including factors such as:


The size of the business – Would you like to work for a multinational, a large Irish business or do you prefer being in the heart of a growing SME with exposure to all facets of the business?

Progression Opportunities

What is your medium to long term plan? Would you like to be able to grow in your next role?


Who are the type of leaders that inspire you?


How do you envisage your commute? Would you like a role closer to home? Is fully remote something you would consider or would you prefer to be onsite with more day-to-day interaction?


Is a jump in salary extremely important, or is finding the right role or getting a foot in the door of a particular organisation more important?

Work Life Balance

We all want it, where does it rank in your priorities?


What type of office would you like to work in? Can you see yourself sitting in the heart of a manufacturing facility or would you prefer a Shared Services Centre or a company’s headquarters?


Do you want to continue using the skills within your current area of expertise or would you like to pivot into a new area?


What does flexibility mean to you? Is a job where you can work from home for some of your week crucial in your next move?


Who are the type of people you want to spend the majority of your week collaborating with?


Are there any things that you don’t want in your next move? Not every role will tick all the boxes, but having a wish list will help narrow down your non negotiables. This list can be really useful whether you are working with a recruiter or applying for roles directly. It’s likely this list will evolve over time as you review different job specs and start the interview process across different businesses. And you never know, you might be one of the lucky ones, and a year from now, you might realise you have manifested your dream job.


Source: Career Guide 2023 by Chartered Accountants Ireland and Barden.

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