Starting a job remotely – an insider’s perspective – part 4…

Starting a job remotely - an insider’s perspective – part 4…

There seems to be a common theme of using video or Zoom meetings to your advantage when starting a job remotely. Be that to sit in on meetings or grab a virtual cuppa for a catch up with a close colleague. I wonder will “Zoom” be written into the Oxford Dictionary soon? It’s probably the most overused word of 2020!

Here we sit down (virtually) with Keith, a Cash Flow Analyst with a large MNC. Keith started his new position in early 2021 and has had such a positive experience. He shares his top tips below…

 Keith O’Connor | Cash Flow Analyst

How have you found starting a job remotely?

My experience of starting a new job remotely has been absolutely brilliant, this is down to both my new colleagues and Aoibhín in Barden. I got to know Aoibhín through our chats and virtual coffees, it wasn’t just a case of a quick run through the CV and sharing my CV with the first open position. I feel it was this personable approach that contributed to my experience of starting remotely to be as good as it has been.

My new colleagues have been brilliant, they made sure I was included from day one, we had plenty of video meetings using Microsoft Teams and I was given a full induction pack with an insightful background to the company and its culture. The HR team, my bosses and colleagues all kept a constant communication line open with me to make sure my experience was as good as can be, and it really helped. I was assigned a buddy through their buddy system who made sure she was always in contact with me and there for any question I had. I know many people have had a terrible time starting a new job remotely, but thanks to Barden and my company they have given me faith that a remote world of work can be just as open and immersive as ever.

Any top tips for starting a new job remotely?

 Starting a new job before covid was an exciting day, the nerves the night before as you laid out clothes and planned your route into the new office were inevitable. And as always on day one you arrived way to early!! Its experiences like this that are now gone when you start remotely, but that doesn’t mean the new job buzz has to be lost forever!

  • By now we are all well frequented with remote working, for the first day change it up! Get out of the trackies and comfy clothes and into something a bit dressier. You do not have to go all out but a change up from the PJs and trackies I feel is essential.
  • Wherever you have your work space set up, try declutter and have it as open, bright and airy as possible!
  • Make sure to start the day right – a good breakfast is a great way to kick off the day and set you up nicely.
  • Asking questions, attending any open virtual meetings or events possible and staying in touch with your new colleagues even if it’s just on a chat bot can make you feel less isolated and included.

Small steps like these I feel can make the remote new job less isolated.

How are you finding online collaboration with colleagues?

The company I started with have a global presence with offices dotted throughout the world so online collaboration was in their DNA long before covid existed. My new team are in constant communication for work tasks, questions and events and for the “water cooler chats” to catch up on the everyday stuff you would normally chat about in the office. Even though I am at home I never feel like I am working alone. Weekly meetings, buddy systems and team chat boxes are making learning, development and collaboration survive in the remote working environment. In my company collaboration and teamwork certainly have not died with remote working!

Do you catch up with colleagues over virtual coffees regularly?

In my new company they have a buddy system, this was in place before but became very important when covid hit and remote working kicked in. This means the virtual coffees are plentiful, once I was introduced to everyone in the weekly team meetings and calls, I had countless people I could ring up to chat away with but in the early days the buddy system was invaluable, it meant you had a work friend from day one to enjoy the virtual coffees and chats with. It really helped make the remote experience more enjoyable.


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