Talent Magnet

Talent Magnet

Master these five steps to create an outrageously good employer brand.

The digital age and our newfound capacity to share our views means employer branding is an “always on” thing, not just a “when I need to hire someone” thing. Put simply, your employer brand is what people say about you as a hiring manager when you’re not in the room and luckily, there’s a number of ways to influence how people perceive you.


Half of prospective candidates will view your LinkedIn profile before applying for a role and 99% will check it out before an interview. Ensure that your profile is up-to-date and conveys the right image.

Recruiter Brief

Your recruiters should be able to speak with clarity about your own background and leadership style. Better recruiters talk more about the hiring manager than the company. They’ll be telling your story, so make sure they have the right one.

Interview Style
At interview, it isn’t about what you say – it’s about how you make your candidates feel. Some of your greatest ambassadors will be the candidates you regret, rather than the candidates you hire. So, how are you going to make sure they will recommend you to a friend?

Profile in the Profession

The more you participate with your Institute, the stronger your brand will be. Keep those networking events in your diary, look for opportunities to write the occasional article and even present at an event. Today, it isn’t just about what you know and who you know – it’s about who knows you.

Who you are in Work

Your team and those who worked with you before will know you best. What do they say when you’re not in the room? How did you handle it when the last person resigned from your team? How do you make them feel? What will they say to others about you at the next Institute dinner? Take time to consider these questions carefully as the answers will give you a good indication of the task ahead. Your employer brand is created by whispers at the water-cooler, so never underestimate your power to improve your standing in the eyes of others.

For Hiring Managers, Patience is a Virtue

Jane Colgan, Property Controller at Kennedy Wilson Europe, explains why patience is a virtue when searching for the right candidate.

“Hiring and retaining the best talent is the most important management skill in any organisation. Hiring managers should invest time and energy in designing their team and be patient in their search for the right candidate. The reason is simple: a small team of exceptional people will achieve greater success than a large team of average players.

I often hear experience being heralded as the most important trait when it comes to building a strong team. While it is important, I would always prioritise intelligence and passion over experience when choosing a new member for my team.

Retention is equally crucial and can be achieved by going the extra mile to nurture employees’ development. This will help organisations build stronger, longer-lasting teams. Hiring managers should also establish strong on-boarding procedures from the get-go, including regular employee engagement.”


Your personal employer brand is your reputation. Good people want to work and learn from other good people. If you want to become a talent magnet and hire the best, you need to be perceived as the best.

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