The exciting and rewarding careers for accountants offered by small/medium accounting firms in Ireland…

With the high demand for accountants that exists at present in Ireland across a range of industries and sectors, sometimes the opportunities in small/medium accounting firms are overlooked.

Having met with, and spoken to, many such firms over the past few years we realise the importance these firms play in helping businesses across the country. Providing vital supports to up and coming entrepreneurs, helping family business plan for the future and being part of scaling local Irish businesses, these firms offer really exciting and rewarding careers for accountants throughout Ireland.

Opportunities & Benefits

In Barden, we are currently working with a range of firms, in Cork and across Munster and we’ve noticed some common themes when it comes to the opportunities with and benefits of working in small/medium accounting firms;

  • In a smaller firm, you deal with a wide range of SMEs, owner managed business and private clients, while the primary service you are provide is around accounting and tax. This means you are not just doing the accounting work, but you’re also getting involved in the strategic side of things. You get to see how a business runs, and you can really make a difference and add value.
  • In addition to direct client interaction, working in a small/mid-sized practice can also offer a diverse range of work experience. When you’re working in a small firm, you get exposure to different industries and different types of accounting work. You are not pigeonholed into one area.
  • Small accounting firms also offer excellent opportunities for professional development. In a small firm, you have the opportunity to learn from people who are more experienced than you. You get to work closely with partners and managers who can mentor you and help you develop your skills.
  • Often small or medium sized accounting firms can offer greater flexibility in terms of work schedules and work arrangements.
  • Working in a smaller or boutique firm can provide a strong sense of community; you’re working as part of a team, and you get to know your colleagues and clients really well. There generally seems to be a real sense of camaraderie and support.

Feedback from people working in these firms is that they enjoy the direct client interaction, diverse work experience, professional development, flexibility, and strong sense of community.

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