The Inspo Resolve Series

The Inspo Resolve Series

Barden’s Partner Firm Inspo is delighted to bring you the Inspo Resolve Series.

Not only that but they are kindly offering the Barden community a discounted rate to attend the series.

Find out more by reading on…

In us all is an innate desire to do well, be happy and succeed in things that matter. Our ability to make this a reality has been fundamentally challenged. We have existed in uncertainty, lived with the unknown and managed through extreme turbulence.

As the days draw brighter and as the vaccine rolls out further there is an opportunity to create a resolve within ourselves. That resolve is a personalised strategy and commitment to live and thrive in all times – especially this unique period that we navigate out of just now.

John Slattery of Inspo, one of the leading sources of inspiration in the country, can help you devise this resolve for yourself. In his six-week Resolve Series (commencing Monday, February 8th).

During the series John will bring you through the six key steps required to define your resolve to make the most each day in work and everyday life.

Each weekly Monday morning session (8.15am-9am) will energise and motivate you for the day and week ahead. And each week that sense of lasting resolve will become stronger and clearer within you.

What is the Inspo Resolve Series?

Resolve – A firm decision and determination towards a course of action.

The Resolve Series is a unique six-week series that inspires you to decide on a course of action. That is to both live and flourish in life. The Series shares cutting-edge insight from psychology, business and further afield on how to create your own individual sense of resolve. Crucially, the Series guides attendees on how to create a clear strategy, underpinned by practical actions, on how they can live and flourish in all times.

What areas does the Resolve Series look at?

The Resolve Series takes attendees on a six-week journey to understand how to create a sense of resolve for themselves and others. Each week will cover one of the six key ‘signpost’ themes.

  • Week 1: Setting Your Intention and Your Vision
  • Week 2: Adopting a Growth Mindset
  • Week 3: Dealing with the ‘Ugly Zone’ of Change
  • Week 4: Believe in Yourself and Your Story
  • Week 5 : Getting ‘FED’ i.e. Focus, Execution and Discipline
  • Week 6: Embracing Infinite Possibility

How do I book?

The 6-week series normally costs €119, however Inspo are kindly offering the series at a discounted rate of €89 for the Barden Community.

To find out more and to book click here.



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