The Tax Professional’s Career Guide

We’re delighted to share our career guide for tax professionals.

At Barden, we have years of experience working within the tax community and your journeys have informed our insights. We understand the complexity of the tax landscape and appreciate that, as a tax professional, you deserve a bespoke guide solely dedicated to tax. Barden has created this guide to help you strategically plan your career.

This guide aims to help you understand the landscape you belong in and figure out what you want in your career. The latter is often the hardest to figure out, though!

You can use the information in this guide to help you look for a new role, be it internally or externally. Moving jobs can be stressful, so don’t underestimate the power you have to change things in your current role.

This guide also acts as an informative reference point for hiring managers, helping them to understand the career path of a tax professional in today’s ever-changing corporate landscape. To help you navigate this guide, the content is segmented as follows:

  • An introduction into the general tax landscape;
  • The practice landscape;
  • The corporate landscape;
  • Practice versus industry; and
  • The Barden Career Model.

To download your copy of the Tax Professional’s Career Guide click here.


Need help achieving your ambitions?

For more insight into the tax market, feel free to get in touch with Siobhán Sexton, at, your Barden tax career partner for insight and advice on your career.

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